The use function of adhesive sealing silicone

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Adhesive sealing silicone has a wide range of uses, and there are many materials that can be bonded. The specific usage functions can be summarized as follows:

1. Bonding function

The main function of adhesives is to connect the bonded materials together. Compared with traditional mechanical fastening methods, the stress transmission of adhesive materials is more uniform in stress distribution, and the end of the bonded object is also higher in strength, lower in cost, and lighter in weight.

Adhesive can be used for bonding between various materials such as metal, plastic, rubber, glass, wood, paper, fiber, etc. Dongguan Shenhongmao Industrial Co., Ltd. mainly produces adhesive materials for household appliances such as metal, plastic, rubber, glass, lighting, solar energy, and automotive electronics.

2. Smooth appearance function

The appearance of objects bonded with adhesive is flat and smooth, and the functional characteristics do not decrease, which is particularly important for structural bonding. The structural components in the household appliance industry and LED lighting industry require a clean appearance and high smoothness.

3. Surface anti-corrosion function

By surface treatment of the bonding material, metals that are prone to corrosion can first be isolated with a layer of adhesive, in order to prevent corrosion damage to the metal and achieve the purpose of bonding.

4. Sealing function

Sealing is actually a continuous bonding process. This bonding method easily seals the adhesive. Prevent the infiltration of destructive liquids and gases. Some adhesive can also replace solid body or foam gasket for sealing LED lighting and household appliance structures. Due to the fact that adhesives are mostly used in a liquid state, they can also be used for sealing and sealing, such as electronic circuit boards, motors, electrical and electronic components.

5. Repair function

Adhesive repair function for broken products. Breaking or cracking of some products or components is a common phenomenon, and the conventional repair method is to use welding. However, welding often causes thermal deformation in the repair, especially for thin-walled parts, which are not easy to use. Only safe and reliable bonding methods can be used.

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