The Use and Characteristics of Power Encapsulated Silicone Rubber

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Tomorrow's adhesive sealant is used for sealing and protecting module power supplies and circuit boards with high-power electronic components and high requirements for heat dissipation and temperature resistance. Applied to automotive ignition system module power supply, solar panels, transformers, module encapsulation, automotive HID light module power supply and sensors, etc.  

1、 Characteristics of Power Encapsulation Silicone Rubber

1. No shrinkage during curing, with better waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-aging performance;

2. Has flame retardancy, with flame retardancy reaching UL94-V0. V1 level;

3. The heat transfer medium of components, reducing the working temperature of heating components;

4. Improve the lifespan and stability of LED lighting products, reduce light attenuation, and control the temperature rise of the power supply;

5. Good temperature resistance and high temperature aging resistance. After curing, the rubber maintains elasticity and good insulation performance over a wide temperature range (-60~250 ℃);

6. Has good resistance to cold and hot alternation, and resistance to corona

7. The adhesive can be stored for a long time after being mixed at room temperature, but it can quickly solidify under heating conditions, which is particularly beneficial for the use of automatic production lines.

2、 Application process of power sealing silicone rubber

1. Weigh the two components according to the ratio and place them in a mixing tank, stir and mix evenly;

2. Pour the mixed adhesive into the device that needs to be sealed, generally without vacuum defoaming. If high thermal conductivity is required, it is recommended to vacuum defoaming before pouring. It can be cured at room temperature or by heating. The curing speed of adhesive is closely related to the curing temperature, and it takes a long time to cure in winter. It is recommended to use heating method for curing, with curing at 80 ℃ for 15-30 minutes and generally taking about 6-8 hours to cure at room temperature.

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