Market Analysis Report on Encapsulation Electronic Adhesive Industry

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With the continuous improvement of China's technological level, the electronic information industry in China is constantly developing and the scale of the industry is also expanding. At present, China has become one of the three major electronic information product manufacturing countries in the world, and its position as a major electronic product manufacturing country is becoming increasingly prominent. Driven by the electronic information industry, the Chinese electronic adhesive market is developing rapidly.

Development direction of electronic adhesive industry

1. The multiple functions of glue are one of the important signs of progress in the glue industry, such as achieving material and mechanical connections while also achieving seemingly contradictory functions of insulation or conductivity. However, the contradictory functional effects of these two can be achieved through electronic glue. Especially for conductive electronic adhesives, they have lower costs compared to traditional insulating electronic adhesives. Conductive adhesives that require conductivity often require high adhesion fastness and fast curing speed, as their low content of conductive particles is currently an important factor restricting their promotion. How to develop conductive adhesives with low resistivity, low cost, and high adhesive strength is currently the direction of efforts in the electronic adhesive industry.

2. With the continuous high integration, miniaturization, multi-function and high-power of electronic products, thermal management has become a more and more important issue. Therefore, the problem of thermal conductive adhesive is the contradiction between the constant pursuit of high thermal conductivity and bonding fastness, as well as the impact of thermal conductive particle materials added to achieve thermal conductivity on sizing process and rheology performance of glue, This contradiction is also the direction of joint efforts of electronic adhesives at present.

3. With the continuous widespread and in-depth use of industrial adhesive in various industries, its functions are becoming increasingly diversified, and it shows that different industries also have their own demand characteristics, showing obvious special functions related to industry or product performance. These special functions put forward new demands for adhesive. For example, the light transmittance, yellowing resistance, long-term high and low temperature resistance and other stability properties of electronic adhesives in the optical and optical communication industries also present new requirements for electronic adhesives.

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